Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Week's Workout log

*Can't stop admiring my arms!*
My arms are getting definition in my triceps and shoulders!
its kinda cool!!

6.21 Tuesday - 30min of Core Fusion Cardio.
I again was feeling the lull. But i went to my "inspire me" label. And then got right out and poppin! I really like this dvd because it is hard but doable. i was sweating a whole lot even after 30min! So proud of myself.. i used inspiration beforehand and used reward afterhand. i like taking the time to pamper myself after a makes the whole experience so rejuvenating!

6.22 Wednesday - 20min of Core Fusion Thighs&Glutes. I was prepping for wearing short shorts to a performance and thought a good workout for my legs would give me an extra boost of confidence.

6.23 Thursday - 35min of KENPO X. I pushed myself today and it felt great! last week this workout wasn't working for me.. but today I pushed through the hump! go me!

i am happy with myself because I did what I said I was gonna do..making cardio more of a focus on my routines. So far I haven't seen any inches or lbs lost, however the results are showing in my arms, my muscles are looking more defined these days..which gives me a little inspiration to keep it moving! Next week i'd like to do another official weigh-in and measurement to see where I am standing. This week I will be focusing on adding a 4th routine. Keeping the cardio as prominent, but I'd like to bump it up to 4 workouts a week. Let the games begin!!

Here's to another week of Focused Fitness!

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